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Sexiest airplanes of all time...


Is there a website for your museum?
We have a good one in Lexington. The website is www.aviationky.org


Yep, http://www.airvictorymuseum.com/ We also have a .org address, but it has some problems at the moment.

Indeed you do.


Ok has everyone said what they want to about the 1900D?? :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: The truth is yes to me it is sexy… Because i remember seeing them taxi by all the time when i was a 5 year old kid sitting on the hood of my dads old S10 and saying i’m going to fly when i’m older… The noise from the engines the smell from the exhaust and the rumble hearing those 1900’s reverse was just the greatest thing my dad has got me into!! (and Duck Hunting)…

Here are some more…

B-52 Never had the chance to see one :angry: But from the stories that i hear from my dad makes me believe that its something i better see before i die…
airliners.net/photo/USA—Ai … 1387211/L/

Boeing 777-200 in Continental Airlines colors
airliners.net/photo/Continen … 1470544/L/


Speaking of the B-52
We used to have low level training routes thru eastern Ky. called oil burner routes. Many a student hasd had the s**t scared out of them by looking down from 2000’ and seeing a B-52 from above trailing black smoke.
Later the B-1 flew the route until it was closed.
I used to fly forestry fire patrol at 500’ agl and have seen them down low a lot times.


Hopefully your personal longevity will match the BUFF’s (*****). The USAF has had B-52s in active service since 1955, initially with the Strategic Air Command (SAC), with all aircraft later absorbed into the Air Combat Command (ACC) following SAC’s disestablishment in 1992. In January 2005, the B-52 became the second aircraft, after the English Electric Canberra, to mark 50 years of continuous service with its original primary operator. There are six aircraft altogether that have made this list as of 2009; the other four being the Tupolev Tu-95, the C-130 Hercules, the KC-135 Stratotanker, and the Lockheed U-2.

(* Big Ugly Fat Fu**er)



Sexiness and awesomeness.




Good call on the B-1… 8)



Su-37 super flanker

and of course


F-22 raptor


Aviation hooptie! http://www.pushupstairs.com/images/emoticon/animated/moped.gif



Well, at least it’s not a F-35… Oh wait!!! It is!!!

Someone really messed-up when they named this “F-22-01.jpg”:


As for the Valkyrie and Lancer… both great choices. I’ll never forget watching a B-1 do a LOWWWWW pass at an airshow and then execute a roll a few hundred feet up on climb-out. Airplanes that size just aren’t supposed to do that kind of thing. Plus, the afterburner noise was just ungodly. That will get your gyros erect pretty quick… :open_mouth:

Also, I have to admit, I have a closet fetish for some of the Russky birds:



Let me add the B-58 to the mix. Also I do not like the Honda or Premier, but I am a hypocrite because I really like the new Embraer Phenom which really looks like a more slender Premier. There’s something about a Junglejet that I like, I think it’s the t-tail, but I’m a big Embraer fan.

Now on the topic of the 1900… I think in it’s teens and early 20s (the A B and C model) she was slender, and decent looking, not the hottest in the class, but not bad, time goes by and you don’t see her for a while, you see her again several years later as the 1900D. :open_mouth: My my my, too much jet fuel!! What happened! All those growths on the wings and tail and letting her fuselage go! What a shame.


Good catch, I thought he had just missed inserting the F-22 photo after the JSF.

http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs40/f/2009/020/3/6/_worships__by_Synfull.gif http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs40/f/2009/021/b/d/_worships2__by_Synfull.gif


my mistake its JSF not F22 :open_mouth:


Well, if we’re going to talk about Russian fetishes, then I’m forced to admit that I lust after a Soviet era aircraft that will definitely characterize me as a chubby chaser; an Antonov AN-2 Colt on amphibious floats:

Sexy is as sexy does, to paraphrase Forrest’s Mom, but this grand old dame will take me and damn near everyone I would want to spend time with anywhere we would want to go. Slowly for sure, but with certainty also.


Well, to be honest I wasn’t sure if it was a JSF or Raptor until I did some research. They all look the same from the front… :confused:

I figure my current Russian fetish comes from my childhood when I would draw fighter planes in school the way I thought they should look. Somehow the NG Migs and Sukhois look A LOT like what I had in mind way back then!

Of course there was plenty of influence from “Firefox” and Cobra’s black jets in the G.I. Joe cartoons back in my pubescent days! :wink:


I LOVE the T-38/F-5

Such a skinny narrow wing, I love the shape.

And yeah, Dad, I KNOW…if only my GRADES WERE BETTER. :unamused:


… Mach 1.3… 1140 mi… FL500… 33,600 FPM…

PS I prefer the shape of the Talon’s nose since we’re talking sexiness here:


Wow. I stopped breathing when I saw that. Beautiful photo, beautiful lines.
Good call, and thanks!


I always have liked the 757.

Here ya go 'wazz.

Summer time. In the northwest. Definitely this guy.

Planes I HATE.
Tied for first are the CRJ200 and Boeing 717. (both shots of 717)

The rest of them are HERE.


It’s not too late! You’re only 29 and they’d love to have you driving the heavy iron.

Say the word and I’ll hook you up with a Squadron visit at McGuire. :wink: