Guess the aircraft type

Anyone able to figure out the type of the aircraft in this photo?

This is for the brand new Garmin GPS right? Thought so, cool… then my answer is a B-737… :smiley:

Is it one of those glorified Greyhounds that clog the skies and airports while wanting to tax and blame GA for the problems.
Just stiring the Sh*t because I can only tell apart in the daylight. Perferably by the dataplate.

I guess A-319??

I’m gonna say the mighty Seven Six

Apollo XVIII


I second that.

MY guess is a B767, cause of the lights

The truth is out there… :smiley:

Im going for broke and calling it an L-1011

tough call, my first guess was for the 76, but something drew me towards the lockhead

Not an L-1011. The number 2 (i.e. tail) engine would be very prominent at the angle this picture was taken. I don’t see it in the picture.

It *might *be a 767. It’s kinda of hard to see if the main gear has 2 or 4 wheels.

I dont think the #2 would be in veiw from the angle, Its at a nose up landing attidude, the L-1011 tail engine is very near the base of the tail, and then curves down towards the rear. from straight on the fuseglage blocks a good portion of the tail. just my observations, but you are very right, you cant tell is the mains have two or four wheels, or for that matter if there is a third main under the belly of the fuselage like the DC-10. This is a good and im curious to find out what it is. When are they gonna tell us???

its a 737 next gen…700,800 or 900

I’m telling you it’s a B767 I use to watch the UPS 767 land in PDX 6 nights a week right before we unloaded it.

I agree Seven Six

Agreed, based on the light pattern and the gear. Not much to go by though.

I agree. :smiley:

It looks like a Moonraker to me :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess an A380 based on the elongated cross section of the fueselage

C-152 8)