Unknown Aircraft Type

Ok, I need everyone’s help… (Opens a can of worms)

Recently, I was emailed from a User asking if I could help identify an aircraft type. After opening the image, I realized the photo was taken way before my time… (No pun intended)

If you could help identify the aircraft type, the assistance would be truly appreciated. Before you all drag me through the mud… I did not scan the image, so please do not flog me with sarcastic comments on the upside down photo… We can all blame Mark Duell if need be… :mrgreen:

I guess we should stop hanging the customer service folks from the ceiling by their ankles.

I cant believe I had to turn my flatscreen up side down to look at this…

Looks like a Ford Trimotor…(The Second Pic) The first pic however is I believe of European descent. Spanish Air Force during thier civil war maybe. Someone else may be able to elaborate more.

How did those orientations possibly make sense on the scanner, Mark?

A little Photoshop Magic…

I think you’re confusing blame with actual involvement/responsibility.