what type of plane is this

anybody can land a plane facing forward, try landing one sideways, and those must be some strong landing gear.
alexisparkinn.com/photogalle … On-Car.wmv

That could have been REALLY bad. boy did he get lucky, im shocked the mains didnt colapse with all that side load.

Looks like a Bellanca. I guess those Vikings can do just about anything. However…I could be very wrong indeed concerning the make of the aircraft.

Now, I’m not an expert, but I believe that it’s a Socata Trinidad.
airliners.net/photo/Socata-T … 1548491/M/
The rear quarter window is pretty unique on those things - with the upward slope. Maybe I’m wrong though - we’ll see. And geez - that gear is ridiculously strong not to collapse in a skid like that.
btw - I’m glad someone else has taken a liking to the aviation vids on alexis park inn’s site! - they really do a great job with that thing…

You know I think your right…it does look more like a Trinidad. Havent seen one in a few years.

This is a Tobago. Trinidad would be the retract version. My god no prop strike. Dumb! :unamused: .

Actually, it looks like it might be a TB9 Tampico. All of the Tobagos that I’ve flown had fiberglass wheel fairings, though I’ve also seen photos online of several TB10s with the fairings removed.

if the elevator was up a tad higher on the tail I’d call it a Commander 112

No, Socata Trinidad.

Super Viking looks like this; 160knots.com

It’s fake guys. Look at the scale of the car to the airplane. T :laughing: he guy in the car would be a foot tall and the guy in the plane would be 10 feet tall. I don’t buy it.

why would someone want to fake a video for no purpose, wait let me watch it again. yeah im sorry i dont think its a fake. besides all i asked is what type of plane it is.
if yoru right, then what type of fake plane is it?

:laughing: :laughing: What couldve possibly possessed me to call that bird a viking. God forgive me! …I did add a disclaimer to the end of my post if you notice.

If I tried to land my plane on a car and botched it all to hell like this, I’d tell everyone the video was a fake, too… :unamused:

It’s not “faked”.

Sorry…I’ll clarify. The plane IS a Socata and is real. The video of landing on the car is fake. Look how big the plane is in comparison to the car. Socata’s aren’t that big.

I didn’t mean to offend you.

The car is very small, not unusual for the EU but certainly smaller than most you’ll see in the US, this might help deceive your eye when judging relative sizes. But it’s not a faked shot.

The plane IS much bigger than the “car”, see the specs HERE

Note the wing span is over 32 ft :wink:

Pretty sure it’s a Socata Tobago. The Trinidad is retractable, the Tobago is fixed gear.

The shot doesn’t look faked, rather it looks like it was a very poorly conceived attempt, where the idiots involved drew on all their luck to survive.

P.S. The Tobago is the crappiest flying airplane I’ve ever flown, while the Trinidad is actually a pretty sweet flying airplane, go figure, it’s all about the horsies with that airframe!

Agreed. Check the specs for the Socata, Hypersonic1. And that car’s not an '81 Buick; it’s a Honda sub-compact. Video’s not fake.

If it’s a fake, it’s a full size fake. Look at how it moves. The smoke coming off the tires. It real and there are people that stupid in this world.