Another Photo stolen w/o credit?

This pic url= may not belong to the one who posted it. Is there a way to check? I’ve seen it on Please lets start requiring all fields in an upload to be so credit can go to whom its due…

Your subject really is quite an allegation; I don’t think anyone should be accused of anything just based on speculation with no facts.

Given the content and perspective, I’d guess it’s public domain.

edit: Indeed - … =123020629

Mr Baker, details of who took the image are in a post I put up, “c-17 Globemaster II” on 14 March. I again humbly apologize if the poster and photographer are one and the same. If it was a re-post of an USAF originated image (or any other source other than who takes the picture) credit should go to where credit is due; no more no less. why should FA not want it that way?