Pictures submitted on Flightaware N34208

Hi, does anyone know how to contact another user.

THe reason I ask is that I took an airborne photo of an aircraft, and it turned up credited as being by another person, a user MtnFlyer. It just doesn’t seem right that someone else submits a photo that I took as their own.

Can you demonstrate ownership of the photo?

Gee, not sure exactly how that works. I have the camera, and the original, and all the others that were taken with it on the same flight, and so forth. My wife is flying the airplane, another pilot friend in the right seat, taken from my twin. Not sure what it takes, it is certainly mine. I took a bunch of them. I have a number of these pics on a pic site of mine, but I never thought anyone else would claim it!

It isn’t the end of the world, I don’t do this professionally, but it doesn’t seem right someone else takes credit.

It was probably a kid trying to associate a photo of the plane with it’s registration on here.

Hi, billharris. If you can send any of what you’ve described to us, it’s more than sufficient. Sorry that it’s a hassle, but we have to verify all these claims. Thanks for understanding.

No sweat, I sent a link to all the pics to mduell that I took on the flight home after I bought the airplane.

I really don’t mind the pic being here, I just don’t like someone else claiming it. Since I fly the airplane, I noticed it when I was looking up a flight today.

Thanks Bill, I’ll get someone to change the owner to yourself.

OK thanks.

I realize you probably don’t want to say who the user is, but you might let them know not to claim stuff that isn’t theirs. I probably know them, but haven’t figured it out yet.

Thanks again,