Stolen photo images


Some of this may have been covered in earlier thread, but I feel like it needs to be revived.

Is there something that can be done about the glut of stolen photos being posted by Flightaware users? The photo reporting doesn’t seem to work at all. I have my doubts that anyone is even checking them. You can’t tell me no one reported this one: … tes/page/1

or this one … tes/page/1

Is there a way to temporarily remove a photo that has been flagged and have volunteer photo moderators look them over for violations of the FlightAware Media License? How about of reviewing the photos before they are allowed to be posted to the site. You could at least weed out stuff like this gem: … tes/page/1 Maybe it was the background of an EFB thereby making it aviation related???

I am hoping some of you will post your ideas to chase away the photo fakers, and maybe Flightaware will listen to them. Whatever system they have now doesn’t seem to deter photo thieves from posting here. Flightaware photos are rapidly becoming the wild west and a few bad people are eager to flaunt their misdeeds in front of the law knowing they can get away with it. they’re kind of hard to find on the Honda site)

There are mostly good people here that want to show off their legitimate work. Those good people need to work on making Flightaware a great place to post their pix, and not let it turn into an anything goes,


Don’t post your pictures on the Internet. Not on the 'net, not able to be “stolen”.

To be perfectly honest, I think the picture portion of FlightAware is something that is not needed. If you want to look at pictures of planes, go to Jet Photos, Airliners. net, or any other number of aircraft picture sites. If you want to track flights or file a flight plan go to FlightAware.


Thanks for the post, pilatapus. I’ve removed the two watermarked photos and the one non-aviation photo. I will also verify that the photo reporting system is working.

If the copyright holder of the HondaJet photos wants them removed, they need to send us a DCMA takedown notice.


:unamused: Heard it before, surprised you didn’t call 'em a tattle tale :wink:

I’m beginning to think the subject for this thread should be changed from “Rules for Photos” to either “Tattle Tale” or “I got nothing to do but look at photos and and tell on those who shouldn’t have posted the pictures they posted.”