Photo Theft



As you see me a lot trying to stop people on here from stealing other peoples photo, I want to request that some people inside FlightAware help out with this. Some people have been taking other peoples photo’s from this very site and uploading the photo as theris. The Staff has picked these same photos as staff picks, and put them in the newsletters and such, violating Flightaware’s own policy of copyright infringement. If you google that aircraft or look hard enought on, or you will find the photo.

I am asking for some help to stop people doing this, becuase it’s just bad and for the photographers that take the time to go out and take the shot and edit, is an insult.



Don’t take this personally, but the only way to reliably prevent your photos from being stolen on the internet is to not post your photos on the internet.


Watermarking, more than just a corner, would seem to be something rather efficient too.



We try to remove copied photos when we notice them, but don’t necessarily have time to research the ones that’s aren’t obvious. If you come across any, please go ahead and drop us a message in the discussion and we’d be happy to look into removing the photo if it violates policy.


Also please remember that the user that is doing that is agreeing to our “terms and conditions” with respect to copyright infringement. Please send us the links to the pictures on FlightAware as well as the link to the original source. Email us at:


I’d like to see the large Flightaware watermark across the whole photo on the largest size like it used to be.

If you come across any, please go ahead and drop us a message in the discussion

Does the ‘report this photo’ option below the photo still work?


Although said more tactfully then I would have, I agree - if you don’t want your pictures “stolen” then post them on your residence walls, not the wild west of the Internet.


Watermarking works great - so great that i don’t even bother to go to sites where the watermark is more often than not too big. It distracts from the picture and probably does nothing to prevent others from taking the picture.


I used to post my pics without a watermark.People started using my pictures on facebook and websites.Now i watermark all my pics and also resize them to a small size.After this theft has came down a lot.

I have been using this software called Mass Watermark to Bulk watermark and resize my photos.Its quite easy to use.Take a look at this video.


Anyone with halfway decent Photoshop skills can remove a watermark. All it takes is the rubber stamp tool and a steady hand. And a lot of down time. Maybe some motivation. Or incentive. Beer works.