My picture stolen! How to fix?


N92TE’s picture when tracking is posted by member wthompson

Seen here… … 42ad74a611

This was clearly my picture that they got off of as you can see at this link… … 121&nseq=0

I do Not appreciate people stealing my work! Please remove this photo.

Thank you



The photo has been removed.


Thank you very much.


I have run into this problem as well. this is one BIG reason why I dont understand why we cant include a small copyright watermark in our shots.

Mods…why cant we do this? can the rule change if we promise to keep it a reasonable size?


How is that going to prevent people from posting pictures off or Jetphotos?


How is adding your own watermark to the photos you upload to FlightAware going to prevent other people from finding the photo at another source and uploading it without the watermark?


This is common across the web…if you dont want people doing it then dont share your pics on the web…simple


I think you guys are missing something critical. All the photos that I upload are mine, and on my computer, they already have a watermark added onto them. However, when I go to upload them onto here, I have to remove that watermark because it says we cant upload them with watermarks. Most photographers who have their own work online and keep up with it have a watermark to prevent them being “stolen” by others. Thats part of the point of it. If there was a photo a person wanted to post cause they thought it was cool, they wouldnt be dumb enough (USUALLY) to post it under their name with someone elses watermark on it.

Granted, I understand a certain size is rediculous, but, as mentioned before, mine, and many others I know, are small and in a corner, but still noticeable.

well, it wont completely, but many many photographers have their own watermark. read above again for clarification. all of mine online on my site have my copyright on them. it’s my photo, why cant I have a copyright on it?

pretty much same answer as above. the only other location that my photos are in all HAVE watermarks on them. it’s part of my process of getting them online in the first place. taking ownership of photos is a big thing in the photography business. trust me, it would most likely help in getting some photographers who come here to post their own photos as well.

well, see, but there is a problem in this. and cynicism isn’t needed to get your point across. anyways…it may be common across the wab, but I dont surf the WHOLE web to know. I come here OFTEN and so I see if my shots are used, esp on a photo of an aircraft I see alot. The 2 instances it has happened so far were on shots that I was not able to get my copyright on before I uploaded due to some software issues, but was changed online in a few days. In that time, the shot was taken and used on here by someone else. I share my pics because people like to see them. They are made so there is a copyright on them, and I am working now (thanks to all of this) on making it so they can’t be downloaded off of the site.


The simplest thing to do is for FlightAware “photo screeners” to remove any photos that have any sort of watermark from any airplane photo website, I’ve seen countless shots with the and bar and watermarks here and I’m sure most of them are just uploaded by someone other than the owner.

I upload lots of photos to Jetphotos, Airliners, etc and if I would want to upload my photos here I would not upload them with the Jetphotos or Airliners watermark, I would upload my original edited shot with nothing on it and I can bet most photographers think like this, its quite obvious.



In the cases of in threads when a photo is uploaded for purposes of giving an example and/or for standard information, then if the watermark is given, it can be considered a documented source, which, since it is being used for informational purposes, techically, like a book, can be used, again, as long as the watermark is there, which acts like a link back to the source.

Now, how was that for a run-on sentence?