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Photo Violations UP on flightaware

Most noticeable in the last 6 months or so is the ever growing photo violations that are uploaded to the photo area. Despite a number of request from members the Flightaware group still turn a blind eye to this crime.
How would you like if someone took something of yours a placed in to the net or anywhere for that matter and claimed it as there own by plastering there name all over your photo.
Flightaware turns a blind eye but, action must be taken on those who continue to violate these laws time after time with an immediate warning and or ban for further offences.


I too have noticed a few “users” who upload many a photo that is “borrowed” or copied from elsewhere. These users go to the lengths of editing out the watermark (if present), and post photos as their own.

However, the problem, as I see it, it that the photo section is not moderated at all; neither the actual photo being uploaded, nor the comments attributed to those photos. Therefore, the only way that any FA Staff member becomes aware of a stolen photo, or indeed of a photo completely non-aviation related, is for other users to “report” the incident.

I have on a number of occasions, when suspecting an uploaded photo is stolen, done some internet search and research to validate my suspicion, and then reported the incident. This is, however, sometimes very time consuming (and even then, in some instances, nothing gets done about it), so I no longer bother wasting my time.

As long as there is no moderation in the photo section at all, abuse will continue unabated. A Staff Member need only read the “Photo Comments” section on a daily basis to easily find the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, I guess we just need to “suck it up”. I have realised that “screaming foul” in the comments will have absolutely no effect.

seems someone needs a hobby or a gf