Uploading photos owned by but not taken by me

Okay, here’s the situation. I have over a 1,000 airliner slides that I purchased in the 1970s and 1980s. I would like to scan some of them and upload them to FlightAware. I know photos like those stolen from JetPhotos, et al, are not allowed.

I need a ruling. I *think *I can upload them due to the following I own the slides and any copyright would have expired. In any case, none of the slides show a copyright mark.

I’d like to share these because there are many on FlightAware who appreciate aircraft of the early jet and large piston/turboprop eras.

If you own the slides and unlimited rights to the photos, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t upload them to FlightAware.

Thanks - uploading now

awesome…bring them on!! Connies, Electras, and anything else with a prop will be highly viewed by this voter… :wink:

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll scan the slides and upload them as time permits. A couple of more will be going up in a few minutes.

Any plans are making the airline field free form or adding an additional field for airline name? I’m finding that I can’t enter the airline code for several of my pictures because either I don’t know the airline code of an airline that no longer exists or the code belongs to another airline now.

Same thing for the aircraft code. I’m not satisfied in putting B722, for example. I want to put in B727-227. Perhaps another field could be used for the exact model.

Yes, I know the description field can be used for this but is that field searchable?

Dami “The Situation” Ross

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Whoa!! Hold on there dami…I was gonna say redrider but thought better of it.

I don’t mean to be a discourager, but…

How do you kow the copyrights are expired? Personally I would not want any of my photos purchased from A.net (I only have 5) to be posted anywhere without my permission. I don’t believe that you own the copyright just because you bought the copy of the picture.

I guess it is really up to the management but if I were to see any of my pics posted here other than by me I would be notiying management.

Go for it! I love to see pictures of airplanes of any type, especially old ones. But do so with the caveat that the photog may have an issue with it.


The slides are all over 20 years old. They don’t have a copyright symbol on them. That’s why I think they aren’t in copyright currently.

You’re probably fine.

Sam, barring someone having made a contact slide from a negative, once you have a slide you have the original photo and therefore one needn’t worry about copyright. As the owner of the slide/negative David is the copyright holder.

(BTW is that “Marine’s Dream” in your avatar?)