" Borrowed " Picture ? You decide....


It seems one of your members may have been standing in the exact same spot at the exact time I was in order to get a shot.

Here’s my shot which I uploaded to Aircraft-Data.com on May 26/07…

Here’s " his " shot. Unfortunately this site doesn’t advise of the upload date as far as I can tell.
flightaware.com/photos/view/topt … l=N1TC;o=0

If you lay his picture over mine they line up. Coincidence ?

If what I suspect is true I have a few concerns…

  1. How many more has he uploaded and taken credit for that are not actually his? Not just mine but other folks as well.
  2. Why couldn’t he have picked one of my better shots? That one was taken on a typical gray Fraser Valley day.
  3. He didn’t ask my permission nor did he give me credit.

I could go on and on but I think you get my drift.


After making my initial post I did some digging around this site. It seems that member has been stealing pictures and posting them here for quite some time.

See this… discussions.flightaware.com/view … clambert07

I see some of the pics were removed by FlightAwares staff but one question begs to be asked.

Why hasn’t that members account been disabled and his IP address blocked?


Then again the picture was taken in Canada and it’s not that great of a picture in the first place. :smiling_imp:

The person posting the photos may be a kid who was linking them to the aircraft number, without consideration of international copyright laws.

FA staff is good about addressing this issue. Ask nicely next time without the edge and they might throw in a couple weeks free subscription to Flightaware. :wink:


Was that supposed to be funny?

Well he could be but I doubt it. A thief is a a thief in my books. It would be very easy for the Admin of this site to send him an e-mail and inform him what he is doing is against the law. Then give him the option to delete any and all photos he hasn’t taken. From what I can see in the other thread I mentioned they haven’t done that as of yet. I could be wrong and if I am then I apologize.

I did ask nicely. What would you like me to do? Get on bended knee and beg. I’m not the first one he has done this to nor will I be the last.

As far as a free subscription is concerned it isn’t something I would be interested in at this point. Why you ask? It seems to me the policing is quite lax when it comes to issues of this sort. If the admin disables his account, blocks his IP address and removes all of his uploads I might reconsider a membership, which btw I don’t mind paying for if and when I like a site.

By not doing the above three mentions things this site is doing a great disservice to it’s honest members. Keep in mind that a lot of individuals spend their precious time and hard earned money to capture shots and post them to this and other sites. Most do so without any expectation of a reward other than to be given proper credit for a shot. Without their efforts sites like this wouldn’t be around.


Knowing Wazzu from prior postings, he is just yanking on your chain. :wink:

The Flight Aware website is completey free. There is no “subscription” services.

We “full timers” contributers to these forums are well aware of your concerns as you can see from my own posting on your forementioned threads.

An additonal option for you would be to address your concerns directly with the FA staff by PM’ing them.


Allen pointed out my joke re: free subscription to a free service. I wasn’t joking about your picture quality. It’s not that great of a picture, especially for getting all worked up over it. It’s blurred, poor color, terrible light and the subject is a filthy PC-12.


Nor was I when I pointed that out in my initial post. See point #2 in case you missed it. Is this a critique forum? If it is I’ll cancel my paid subscriptions to a few that I belong to.


Wazzu should have offered to cancel all of his debts that are due on Tuesdays for any hamburgers he has today…


Thanks for the suggestion but considering they are aware of this " members " activity I shouldn’t have to.


Well, jeeez picky aren’t we???

You can’t arrange a airplane wash (AKA torrential downpour) on 5 mile final for an impromtu photo shoot can we? :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s some reading you should peruse.


As you stated earlier, you don’t know when the upload was done? Do you know something wasn’t already done?

We of course don’t know if the remaining pictures that were uploaded by the offending user are infringing on copyrights until the rightful owner steps up to the plate. In otherwords, innocent until proven guilty, which really should apply in this case.

We don’t know if the IP address has been banned. (as stated earlier, this doesn’t guarantee repeat offenders from doing this again as there are many work arounds on this)

I don’t need to rehash of course the need to alert the administrators.

System not perfect, but at least there is some recourse in place for YOU to protect your rights.


Psst…here’s a little secret…

Go watch the movie “Popeye” starring Robin Williams sometime and you might understand the JOKE!

Did someone piss in your Wheaties or something? Take some money you got for Boxing Day, Christmas, whatever and go buy yourself a sense of humor.


You’re the one who came on here calling people ‘scum bags’ and threatening the operators of the forum. I clicked on that user’s pictures and it said

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So they already took care of it.

Check this one out…

…sue me!



You do realize that this is a public discussion forum pertaining to aviation in general and has nothing whatsoever to do with the photos page other than being hosted on the same server?

Whining to us about your purloined photos is ineffective at best and annoying at worst. It was suggested that you contact the owners of the site about the matter to have your concerns addressed, but apparently you’d rather bitch about the matter rather than seek a remedy, which is your right.

Our right is to simply ignore you in future.


Stats probably not right???

Wouldn’t flightaware.com/photos/view/topt … l=N1TC;o=0 be one of one?

It would appear to me the photos he uploaded was removed from his user profile, but not the tail numbers??


backward pic


I didn’t have any intention of starting a war when I posted at this site. It was done to bring a serious matter to the admins. attention. As previously stated I wasn’t aware of the ongoing thread about this thief until after my initial post.

The admin dept of this site could find that out very quickly. That’s the reason I advised of my upload date.

Hence my suggestion that an admin e-mail the thief. IMO that should have taken place ages ago. If it was done the admin should have made mention in the other thread. That dissolves the guesswork doesn’t it?

Once again… If it was done the admin should have made mention in the other thread. That dissolves the guesswork doesn’t it?

From what I’ve seen they would remove his copy. That would be nice but the question begs to be answered. Do I have to search this site for every one of my shots and when I find 'em ask they be removed. The guy has already been proven a thief so it’s time to do the site and it’s members a favor. Disable his account and ban his IP address.


Here’s some reading you should peruse.



Only a band-aid…

I already posted why earlier in the other thead.

Adminstrators do not (and should not) post punitive actions taken against other members in a public forum.

If you have concerns, that is what PM is for and they can reply privately on course of action IF THEY CHOOSE TO.