One "N" number, two airplanes

Does anyone have a suggestion as to the resolution of the same “N” number being associated with two airplanes. If anybody has a minute, the “N” number in question is N1328S. FlightAware has this number as a PA46, a Piper Malibu Mirage, but the FAA Aircraft Registration Inquiry shows that same “N” number as a Cessna 182P. And the same named owner comes up in each case. It’s puzzling to me and I’d appreciate thoughts on it, where I’m going wrong. Thanks. :confused:

It looks like the aircraft part of the flight plan was filed incorrectly the last time it flew. Before that, it is listed as a 182, which matches the FAA data.

Yes sir Newark, sure could be. Confused me because I don’t think he has a Piper at all. The only other plane he has besides the Cessna 182 is a 1928 Curtiss Wright Travel Air 4000 to my knowledge. Good friend of mine. I sure thank you for your thoughts sir, have a good day, God bless.

We display the type listed in the flight plan, rather than the type in the FAA registration. Either the 182 was filed by the pilot or marked by ATC as the wrong type, or someone with a Malibu filed/flew with the wrong N-number.

Gotcha, and I thank you for your help. There’s so much about that kind of flying I never got into and don’t know. I knew where the Moss place was, and the Zetta cut and how many acres they had and the like, and with an oil pressure gauge, compass and fuel gauge and no radio I guess much instrument flying wasn’t in the works for me. Have a good day.

Hi PonPilot
I am John’s brother, Gerry, in Brookhaven,MS. I told John about the N Number showing up as a Piper. His Travel Air is coming along well. We hung the engine, but had to remove it to remake the engine mount.
Hopefully we will have it going before long. I am an AP/IA here and help John as much as I can. I have had 3 off-airport landings (non-aviators call them crashes) and told John I do a lot better job of “crashing” them than he does. Glad that BIG brother has a good sense of humor.
Take Care
Gerry Mosley

small world! :smiley: