This aircraft is on its way to Teter from Wiley Post/KPWA - why does it have a “T” in front of the N - what does that mean??? :question:

Unless there is a change from in the past when this question was asked, all I can say, fg, is to brace yourself for an avalanche of “search before posting” replies.

Air taxi, by the way.

This is all I found:

Unable to display registration information.

Unfortunately, FlightAware is currently only able to display registration details for aircraft identified with a United States “N-Number”


whispers to sb (sorry I asked - not as smart as I appear sometimes - so it is a big yellow & black aircraft with a meter in it???)

Air taxi, by the way.


About as easy to hail too! … dfind.y=11

LOL fg…

I’m not that smart either, btw. I think Air Taxi means some sort of private charter, and the use of the N before the reg number is optional.

I’ll try to find one of those posts and point it to you.

Try these: … t=air+taxi … t=air+taxi … t=air+taxi

and this one has a lot of info. … t=air+taxi

Ah yes, Mr. Rooney’s plane (aka, the former owner of the company I work for). Seen it, never got a ride in it, tracked it. Mr. Rooney is the current envoy to the Vatican and is the proud owner of Manhattan Construction which is famous for such buildings as Relliant Stadium (Houston, TX), the new Texas Stadium, George Bush Library (Houston or College Station, can’t remember which), partial builder of the BOK Center here in Tulsa, uh, let’s see…oh, Will Rogers World Airport (aka, KOKC), Oral Roberts Univ, and Cascia Hall Performing Arts Center, just to name a few.

Now we are gettin some where - it gets more interesting as it goes… & upon reading all the other posts SB - I had some good laughs after crying over there in CAFlier’s post about “remember!”

Thank all of you so much for being so patient with me - cause I’m ignorant to some of your very technical talk/type & don’t know the ropes around here but like getting to know the people better/more.

You all have been very very gracious & loving with me & withheld any snide remarks, etc. when I ask so many many questions. I only desire to be a blessing & share my great love of aviation also… :slight_smile:

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NO! They didn’t! OMG- THEY DID!!! :open_mouth:


“you are clear to land #2 when you have the Cessna in sight”

“Uhhhh, we have something in sight…”


Thank you CFIj - you are great - perhaps I saw in the Spirit before it actually manifested - sort of prophetic!!! Is there anything that doesn’t exist that we as humans have not thought about - God has truly blessed us with much creativity… :smiley:

No wonder He says we are a little higher than the angels & they (angels) are envious of us… :smiley:

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Just in case it isn’t clear to everyone reading, the “T” before the N-number is used to signify an “air taxi” flight, more commonly refered to as a charter. Not sure why the FAA wants us to use it, except for access to certain airports during TFRs etc…

TNXXXXX. T=Air Taxi NXXXXX=A/C tail number.
The whole package is an air taxi operation whether scheduled or nonscheduled operating under CFR14 Part135 (possibly 121) and does not have a radio telephony call sign assigned to the certificate holder.

They should have had Queen Latifah flying it in the movie Taxi :laughing:

Where is that thing flying without boots and with the bondo on the wing tip?

*DEMI watch out it has music that plays :smiley:

Looks like Florida and points south.

Where do you see Bondo?