No info on flight ???


A friend of mine flew a Citation 5 from 3B2 to PDK to 3B2 last evening 2/15/06 and the there is no tacking info on the flight nor is it listed leaving 3B2.
Any ideas why?


Ok, after some investigative work I found the flight with the tail number TN226CV. What is TN?


“T” indicates the flight is an air taxi flight.


Now, what does that mean verses a charter etc.
Sorry for the Q. new at this game.


In spite of the fact that you used “Q” instead of “question,”*, I’ll still answer the question.

The “T” prefix is used by air taxi and commercial operators that do not have an FAA authorized call sign.

*Pet peeve of mine is the overuse of abbreviations on forums.


Sorry for the pet peeve thing and thanks for the answer. I will consider myself spoken to… :laughing:


V disappointed 2 hear that m8.


V disappointed 2 hear that m8.

:astonished: As some said in another posting in another topic: smart a$$ :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure that this is true. I was under the impression that the T in front of an Amerian civil registered aircraft denotes that it is a transborder flight.


It’s true, “T” means (at least in this context) air taxi.