Does anyone know anything about this aircraft,the past couple of days theyve ben running from Bermuda to Batimore,comes back to MArquis Jet Holdings OKlahoma City,they are inbound Huntsville Now called 20 minutes out,if this has already been asked about sorry,Thanks!!


It’s a NetJets Hawker 800XP. I think most of their airplanes show OK City as at least one of the owners.

When NJA flies international they use their N number N889QS, when they fly domestically they use a call sign "Exec. Jet"EJA889.

Of course this is different for each a/c in the fleet.


Thanks,i knew that Netjets used QS as Suffix he used his N NUmber and theres not even a track showing him coming to Huntsville today,he called the FBO on their freq 20 minutes out to make sure the car was ready and theyd be here a couple of hours.


Is it a 900XP or a 800XP?


FAA Registry N889QS was the 5th Hawker 900XP delivered to Netjets, of the 36 900XP’s on order by Netjets. (And 60 750XP’s ordered by Netjets).


My bad, fat fingers and poor eye sight. I should proof read better


With a fleet size of just over 600, it amazes me that they can continue to grow so rapidly. That’s not counting the 60+ Marquis jets that are essentially under the same company.