I notice that specific Tail Numbers are not being updated. Is there a reason? Thanks.


What tail numbers?


Any. For instance I own a share of a plane and the last flight the site shows was over a week ago. I know it has had other flights since then.


Hi. You’re going to have to give us a specific tail number for us to take a look at it. We’ve tracked about 40,000 flights in the last day, so certainly this isn’t a widespread problem of nothing being updated. I’d be happy to look at a specific instance of where you’re seeing a problem. Are these flights being conducted under IFR?


N677QS is the specific tail number. Thanks!!


When was the last IFR flight for N677QS that you’re aware of?


Within the last 36-48 hours.


Is it possible that Netjets operates this aircraft under a flight # as an air taxi or charter flight rather than using N677QS as the flight identifier? Many Netjets operations are flown with the EJA prefix. What’s the origin/destination of the last flight? Perhaps I can find it that way.


Not to my knowledge but then a lot of their aircraft I have looked at have ALL had their flights to the SE as 677QS shows. Seems rather odd to me.


If you can give me an origin/destination for a flight that’s missing, I’d be happy to search and find the identifier that was used.


I have no idea. That’s why I was interested in this service. So I could see where flights go.


N677QS may be EJA677; I’ve seen other charter companies operating similarly.


Ok, THANKS!! That makes sense as their call sign is Exec Jet…