NetJet's Flights

Does NetJet’s block their flight information? I don’t see any of my NetJet’s flights and the history data on my plane is old.

Never mind, I figured out that rather than using the actual tail # I need to use EJA and then the #

Welcome aboard (bored sometimes is why we are here!!!) - but I have never had a problem tracking NetJets - seems they are really good at keeping data up to date - enjoy our services here & don’t hesitate to fly formation with us or drop out when needed - (trying to keep my welcome aviation related wouldn’t want to tee off anyone or drift a little in a crab)!!!

AND - no one appointed me the Columbia Good Will Ambassador - just took it upon myself - still trying to be the PIC!!! :unamused:

Do you always fly on your plane?

That’s pretty funny wazz… :wink:

Actually it is a legit question. These NetJets folks buy shares in an aircraft and are assigned an N-Number for tax purposes. I wonder how many of them actually fly on the aircraft that was assigned to them more than once, if at all.

They don’t - I will assure you… 8) That’s not what I found funny - it was the fact that wazz said it was “their/your” plane - it’s not their plane at all - it is a lease/fraction of a company owned plane that they get to use - it is not their plane!!! :unamused:

They buy “time” to fly/use it for trips & that is all - lease a car - lease a plane - it doesn’t belong to you - unless of course you want the balloon at the end of the day (payment that is!?) :exclamation: :question: :arrow_right:

Sorry to correct you Jan…But when someone enters into a contract with a fractional ownership program such as NetJets, FlexJet, Avantair…they actually do have ownership of an aircraft to the degree of the fraction for which they’ve purchased. And the purchaser is named on the title of the aircraft.

Here’s some examples:

I think you’re about to get OWNED yourself.

I think you might be thinking of Marquis customers. They do by time and fly as 135 v 91k.

NJA owners pay for their share of the a/c upfront. Then they pay “management fee” and hourly rates and annual dues. They are owners!!! If you don’t think so look at a registration on a NJA a/c, it will list the individual owners or LLC.

Know the facts before you post :wink:

Same with the other frax. Citationshares, FlexJet, Flight Options, Avantair, and PlaneSense.

Please explain being OWNED myself - that could be very very interesting - seems it is more the fractional thing - since everyone just took a piece of me.

I don’t care though guys & I will never know all the facts before posting & if that were the case neither I nor any of you would be posting anything!!!

You can make it look legal & grand & avoid taxes or claim them & you can say you own a fraction of a jet - but when it comes down to the rubber meeting the runway - you don’t own that jet - Berkshire Hathaway & whomever he/they may not be the real owner (for NetJets or any one else you mentioned) does & he/they let you think you do for a nice cost.

Just like we have lots of paper money in this country that looks good but nothing to back it up - perhaps the owners/mangers of all the fractional jet owners are Fort Knox after all - JMHO & everyone has one like noses & asses.

I’ll concede to whatever you boys to men want to call it… :unamused:
Cause it looks good on paper doesn’t mean it’s true (theories exsit for a reason)… :wink:

And - the exception to the rule is that they do ride in the same jet designated as their fraction - get real - you all know that. :smiley:

Paper work/contracts are done for a reason - to keep up with your fractions - not (real) ownership - if you know what I mean; but I do understand where you are coming from & why for sure. :bulb:

If the ownership passes the tax man’s inspection, then it IS legal regardless of your opinion of it.

Own stock? Then you’re a fractional owner of a corporation.

Tell that to the people who jumped to their deaths in the 30’s - in the Great Depression.

I own nothing & owe nothing except love…who’s your Daddy!!! 8)

The Great Depression (also known in the U.K. as the Great Slump) was a dramatic, worldwide economic downturn beginning in some countries as early as 1928. The beginning of the Great Depression in the United States is associated with the stock market crash on October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday. The depression had devastating effects in both the industrialized countries and those which exported raw materials. International trade declined sharply, as did personal incomes, tax revenues, prices and profits. Cities all around the world were hit hard, especially those dependent on heavy industry. Construction was virtually halted in many countries. Farming and rural areas suffered as crop prices fell by 40 to 60 percent.[1] Mining and logging areas had perhaps the most striking blow because the demand fell sharply and there were few employment alternatives.

The Great Depression ended at different times in different countries; for subsequent history see Home front during World War II. The majority of countries set up relief programs, and most underwent some sort of political upheaval, pushing them to the left or right. Liberal democracy was weakened and on the defensive, as dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini made major gains, which helped set the stage for World War II in 1939.

How quickly we forget or “remember!” :cry:

Time heals all, and all is forgiven, given the chance :slight_smile:

And time provides both.

We do learn from history.


As you’re only 54 and weren’t alive to experience the depression, blow it out your duffle bag!

(People jumped out windows on Black Tuesday in 1929 when the stock market crashed, not during the 30’s!).

Have a 401K or pension plan? You’re a stockholder. Belong to a Credit Union? Then you’re a stockholder. Pay Social Security? Then you’re a participant in the US government’s Ponzi scheme.

The Great Depression (also known in the U.K. as the Great Slump) was a dramatic, worldwide economic downturn beginning in some countries as early as 1928. *The beginning of the Great Depression in the United States is associated with the stock market crash on October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday. *

JHEM - I think I made that pretty plain by posting what I did above you - so you needn’t clarify it again. You’re pretty harsh about proving a point… yes, I use a credit union but I know that I don’t own it even though I have a vote - the board of directors can overturn my vote. You believe the way you do & I believe the way I do & not much is going to change about that.

How a simple question about a blocked ID turns into a debate on historical definitions is beyond me…

C’est la vie…

Heh heh, if it stays on topic for more then 5 response, we are doing good :smiley:

All good, all good IMHO regardless where we drift.