Netjets frequent route CMH-MFD or CMH-LCK-MFD


Hi guys I was just recently in Colombus, OH and of course that is where Netjets is based. I noticed looking at some Netjets routes from months back. They do quite a bit of flights which are very short distances. It would be CMH-LCK (probably to pick someone up) and then either LCK-MFD or just go straight to MFD from CMH, and then do it all over again. The wierd thing is that they are only on the ground for a few mins and then off again. I’m wondering who flys these routes, if its actual pax or maybe test flights or what? Any EJA pilots out there to share some info? :slight_smile:


Here is an example of a trip done by N923QS:

2006-07-18 07:15:00 EJA923 C750 07:15:00 CMH /LCK
2006-07-18 07:33:00 EJA923 C750 07:33:00 LCK /MFD
2006-07-18 08:43:00 EJA923 C750 08:43:00 MFD /CMH
2006-07-18 10:16:00 EJA923 C750 10:16:00 CMH /LCK
2006-07-18 10:37:00 EJA923 C750 10:37:00 LCK /MFD
2006-07-18 11:21:00 EJA923 C750 11:21:00 MFD /CMH


These are common airports we use for aircraft checks and training.


Oh yeah I was thinking something that had to do with training purposes. So basically just land and taxi back? Whats an aircraft check?


Getting checked out in an airplane. Did it more often years back, not so much any more.


Training Flights or ‘299’ checkrides.

Who would want to go to Mansfield or LCK otherwise?