Question on N70LJ


Does anyone have an idea on how a plane (N70LJ) could just end up in another city with no known flight plan. N70LJ is an air ambulance service that fly’s as a lifeguard flight often, It is based at KBKV along with 2 other LJ’s. As you can see it’s last arr at KBKV was 8/4 from Bangor, then it just shows up at St Johns for a flight to Shannon. KBKV does not show any other departures under a different call sign and I didnt see CYYT with any arrivals that it might have been. ??? any ideas? I have seen this happen before but not sure how. Thanks in advance, Jim


Visual Flight Rules.


Possible i suppose but i doubt he’s flying VFR from Brooksville to St Johns in a Lear


They could have repositioned the aircraft to another airport VFR before departing for St. Johns. The N-number could have been misfiled. the FAA computers could have eaten the flight plan. Or, the could really be working for the CIA !!!