one of my planes is airborne with no flight plan.


I track N908JB and it’s last flight 1/15 from KJWN to KEYW suddenly has an extension in the map heading back into his home port KPBI (I would imagine from the looks of the radar track). Is this a glitch or could they have flown VFR in the falcon? :question:


You can see the final VFR segment at 17500ft in the tracklog (the last dozen rows or so after the descent into EYW).


Thanks for the quick response Mark. I’ll make sure to check the track logs first from now on when I spot one of these “glitches”.


Wow, talk about quick cancellatiojn of IFR descending out of Class A airspace :smiley:


It was actually two flights, seperated by a bit of time on the ground.

Descent into Key West:

03:51PM  	2616N/8217W  	542  	39000
03:54PM 	2551N/8209W 	528 	34300 descending
03:55PM 	2542N/8207W 	538 	29500 descending
03:56PM 	2533N/8204W 	550 	25400 descending
03:57PM 	2525N/8202W 	531 	21300 descending
03:58PM 	2517N/8200W 	519 	18000 descending
03:59PM 	2509N/8158W 	505 	14600 descending
04:00PM 	2502N/8156W 	473 	11000 descending
04:02PM 	2451N/8153W 	364 	8300 descending
04:03PM 	2446N/8152W 	317 	5600 descending
04:04PM 	2442N/8151W 	294 	3400 descending
04:05PM 	2437N/8151W 	283 	2100 descending
04:06PM 	2433N/8150W 	263 	1600 descending
04:07PM 	2433N/8148W 	151 	700 descending

And then after about 20 minutes on the ground, they took off VFR from Key West and picked up flight following after climbing to 17500 feet:

04:42PM  	2534N/8056W  	453  	17500 climbing
04:44PM 	2543N/8048W 	454 	17400 descending
04:45PM 	2548N/8043W 	450 	17500 climbing
04:46PM 	2555N/8040W 	444 	17400 descending
04:47PM 	2602N/8036W 	439 	15900 descending
04:48PM 	2608N/8032W 	418 	13800 descending
04:49PM 	2618N/8026W 	338 	10000 descending
04:53PM 	2635N/8016W 	258 	2500 descending
04:57PM 	2641N/8009W 	129 	600 descending