Last leg of flight does not appear on flight path

I was tracking two GA flights recently and, on both occasions, the last leg of the trip was not displayed on the flight path. It showed the en-route path, then suddenly stops in the middle of the route. When the flight landed, it did show up correctly. Any idea why this happens? Any info would be helpful. I love this site!

What tail numbers, route, and date?

Don’t you just love it when someone asks a questions and gives you no data whatsover to help you answer them?

Sorry for the lack of information. If you look up the last few flights for N24480 you will see the flight paths don’t show a continuous line between the departure and arrival points. For example:
N24480 departed KVDF on 07/06/2006 bound for Key West International. The flight was deviated west around weather and the line doesn’t show its landing in Key West.
The second example is from 07/09/2006 from KEYW bound for KVDF, again the line stops far south of the destination airport.
The track is never continuous and I was just curious why? Thanks.

I would hazard a guess that these were all flights under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) with flight following requested while they were at cruising altitude.

Every flight mentioned above was filed IFR.

Radar outage perhaps. Last position report on the EYW-VDF leg was 2006-07-10 01:13:56Z and an arrival message was received at 2006-07-10 01:35:18Z.

Hazarding a guess here at the risk of being absurdly wrong and getting scolded for it, but is it possible that the flights begin as IFR, but then the pilot cancels IFR and goes VFR when nearing the destination airport…? I’ve heard (or understood) that this makes things easier for both pilot and controllers after the flight…

NeedleNose is right.

I cancel IFR when close to home base and the Wx is solid VMC.

ATC loses radar contact below 14,000 in the area and the airport is 5,600. It’s much easier to cancel in the air than call on the phone on the ground.

My track always ends where I cancel.

Yes, but at Key West, they have a control tower so you wouldn’t have to cancel your ifr flight plan, they will do it for you.