International Flights Bug


Now, I know that you can’t track flights that are outside of FAA airspace, but that is not what this is about. The problem is when the planes do enter US airspace. I tried searching for British Airways flight 189 (BAW189) before, and the map showed dozens of elliptical paths arounds New England and Canada, and it says the plane landed weeks ago. What is going on here, and is there any way to prevent this? Sorry if this has been discussed before, I tried to search through a but and couldn’t find anything.


Hi, Newark777. This is a known bug that we’re expecting to roll out a fix for shortly.


Thanks for the fast reply! Glad to know you’re working on it, keep up the great work.

BTW I love your site, I’ve just been using it for the past month or so, and beats the pants off the other free sites out there.


For international arriving flights we don’t get a departure message, so we don’t know when to reset the map to start tracking a new flight. As a result, we plot many flight tracks for that flight on the same map (with the other half of the elipse coming from when the flight jumps from NYC back to the middle of the Atlantic).

The reason it says “Arrived weeks ago.” is that we actually received departure information for that flight a few weeks ago, but receiving that departure message is intermittent at best.


I’ve tracked some international flights that have filed flight plans to re-enter the US, therefore, I know they are coming, and I understand that it is intermittant at best here, but if I pull up the US airport ie. KMIA or KFLL and pop up the big screen, the tail number will be there tracking in even though it isn’t on the enroute log. Once they land, they get logged in as an arrival. Do you think that may be fixed in the future? Especially since they are being picked up on radar. Perhaps they could be switched to enroute once we can see them. Very exciting by the way hearing about all the new “stuff” coming!


There is no reliable way to predict departures (not guessing is better than being wrong) and we can’t get data feeds for some countries (or they prohibit sharing the information with the general public).