missing data on Canada / US border: Virgin At. 19


I’m tracking Virgin Atlantic from London to SF, flight 19, currently airborne. The tracking data was regular up to 2:09 EST (several hours ago), then stopped abruptly. It was just north of NY, across the Canadian border. Any idea why this is?


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I’ve had a good look at the FAqs and this forum, but nothing quite matches up. Although there’s the diverted flight that turned out actually to be diverted. I hope my missing flight is not actually missing.


I should clarify that the flight is on the way to SF, not from. So the international thing is not the problem. In fact, there was plenty of international info - picked up over the atlantic. However, the flight should have entered US airspace hours ago, and according to the log, there’s no data for this period. Are the computers down?


Looks like just the usual border crossing mess with the FAA’s/NavCanada’s computers not playing well together. ETA/ETE should still be accurate and updating.


I’ve had another look. The altitude is going down, just as it should (it should land in 20 minutes or so) - but still no log for hours. So clearly some bit of FlightAware is getting the feed - hence the altitude change - but it’s not on the flight track log. I’ve tried refresh in case it was me, but it still hasn’t changed.


Not, I hasten to add, that I am criticising. This is a very cool site and I’m glad I’ve found it. Pity that international air traffic is so hard to track!


Inbound from Europe, you can really only track these flights on the " local " maps, as the track will not show up until the flight actually arrives.

As for incomplete tracks, this problem seems to happen if there has been a deviation from the filed flight plan. For example, if the pilot requests a new flight level due to turbulance, it seems that this request is processed as a " new " flight and the original tracks become incomplete.

Outbound, track logs are usually complete until the aircraft leaves NA air space or is out of radar coverage.


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Can you please provide a link of the flight info, I can’t find the flight anywhere. It probably flew over my head.




Thanks for providing the link, Needlenose. I haven’t found the local maps yet - have that to look forward to!


Thanks Needlenose. Interesting route on that one, they came straight across. It’s funny how much their routing changes every day.

In the past as I was bumbling around eastern Washington I would see 747’s (not to mention alot of other things) flying south. I remain in aww that these are europoe to LAX/SFO flights.

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