Improved Canadian Flight Tracking

Is there any hope for a little more accuracy for those of us watching flights from 49N and up? Noticed lots of flights not making it on, aircraft and airports missing.


Not wanting to jump the gun for an official FA response, but I would guess probably not. Don’t forget that FA gets it’s feed from the US FAA. More information in Canada would need to come from the Canadian government’s ATC radar system.

Flights in Canadian airspace are inconsistent. Generally we receive some data about them.
Sometimes a flight inside, into, out of, or passing through Canadian airspace will have no problems at all. Sometimes a flight passing into and/or out of Canadian airspace will generate multiple departure messages. Sometimes we’ll hear nothing at all about flights entirely inside Canada.

Interesting, how does the information get from NavCanada to Flightaware?

It’s included in the feed we receive from the FAA.

Has anyone approached NavCanada about a feed, its really funny which flight plans show and which don’t. Its nice to know when I am actually on call based on where my ship is;)