Not having FlightAware recognize outbound route


Anybody having this problem. File IFR and depart from our small airport in Washington State just south of the Canadian border. The airspace is owned by Victoria Terminal (Canada). FlightAware does not pick up my outbound flight but it does record my inbound IFR flight. If you look at my live tracker, you’ll see all the return flights but not of the outbound. N3102C


Are you picking up your clearance on the ground or after you’re in the air?

How are you filing your flightplan?


Filing several ways. Have tried filing with, ForeFlight and directly with Victoria Terminal. Haven’t as yet tried to phone 1800WXBrief. Picking up IFR clearance in the air usually through 1000 ft.


It looks like we’re not getting the info on your flight from NavCanada.

Once you get in US airspace we do get a flightplan amendment and a boundary crossing and an arrival, but that’s not enough for us to track a flight.

If you can document one of these situations we can take it to the FAA to see if they can improve integration with NavCanada so we get the original flightplan and departure messages. They’re going to need when and how you filed the flight plan, the proposed edt, the actual departure time, and the time you contacted Victoria for a clearance.

You may have better luck with tracking if you pick up your clearance on the ground before you depart; we’ve seen that help in other cases.