Ideas for tracking blocked tail number into Canada?


I’m a bit stumped on how to track a plane that I know went from the USA to Canada last week. I know the tail number, but I also know the tail number is blocked. It’s corporate aircraft. I know the US rules, so realize there is no way to track it here. But it went to Toronto Pearson last week. Are the rules different in Canada?

Any ideas? Many thanks.


The agreement is the same since the FAA consolidates the US and NavCanada data into a single ASDI feed. I don’t know of any vendors who receive a Canada-only feed directly from NavCanada, although I suppose it’s possible.

lawnchair + balloons + really big binoculars? :smiley:


There is no Canadian flight tracking service, you can try these,

There are two types of blocking, one the tracking is block to the flight tracking services, or it’s blocked by the Flight Tracking services.

Any comment as to what plane you are tracking??


Thanks for the help. I’ll try those. I’d rather not be too particular about the plane. But it’s not a case of corporate espionage. It’s a CEO’s potential hypocrisy about the use of corp jets.


Sounds like every CEO!!!

Perks . . .


Why not get someone from to hang around the airport and take a few pics of the CEO and his plane…
You get to prove a point, he loses the company hack - the flight department may close, pilots loose jobs, local airport bans photographers, more aircraft get blocked and…you get the idea.

IN (UK) :unamused:


I don’t want any pilots to lose jobs, flights depts to close. But hypocrisy is unacceptable. And you do have some good ideas. Unfortunately, I think it’d be very long stakeout with very little shot at a payoff. That’s why I’m so interested in discovering what I can about a past trip that I know took place.


Maybe if your company is getting run into the ground or run like Singer Corp was - maybe, just maybe you have a point.

Other than that, (unless your the wife??), who cares if the CEO’s sets the rules for use of the corporate jet, and then does the opposite for himself.

He is the CEO, at the end of the day, it’s his call, not yours?

So what if he takes a hot blonde to Toronto for ‘shopping’!!! Unless he’s there to sell the company secrets, why not support your CEO and get him a hooker!!!, like somebody should have done for Clinton!!!

As for legit info, just hire a Private Investigator - simple.