Flight Tracking Issue Gets a DOT Review

From Flying’s e-newsletter:

Blocking a tail number from the online flight tracking programs could become more difficult, if not impossible for some. The Department of Transportation is reviewing the NBAA’s Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) policy this month, and hints that criteria for participating in the program could become far more restrictive. As it is now, anyone wishing to block their tail number from the data presented on flight tracking programs such as flightaware.com can apply to the NBAA to do so. In future, aircraft operators may be required to demonstrate “bona fide security concerns,” according to NBAA President Dan Bolen. NBAA is currently polling its members for their input on the proposal, which would affect current users of the BARR as well as those who might make use of the privacy feature in the future.

I know that the KSEE page would show a lot more activity if nobody were blocked (including both of the G4’s based here).
I don’t want to nose into which people go where…I’m not a stalker or a member of TMZ like that lol… It’s just interesting to see where that Falcon 50 is going from my little airport, and fantasize about how I could do the same thing.

I really don’t see a big change coming, how are they going to re-define “bona fide security concerns,” :confused:

actually, the IRS already defines it - people who have these concerns must prove to the IRS that it is necessary that they have bodyguards and private transportation as a nature of their job and therefore their bodyguards and transportation are not a taxable benefit.

If the person in question has not filed for this with the IRS, then they can’t have their tail no. blocked.

Additionally, pretty much every corporate-owned aircraft will now not be able to be blocked.

So, if I read it right, those who are already blocked will remain blocked. Only the new applications would have to demonstrate the “bona fide security concerns”.

Don’t think so

would affect current users of the BARR

although I’d be happy enough with just the tail number blocked. I don’t see how the airplane type and origin/destination are any concern for ‘security’.

I understand the reason for blocking tail numbers, but it sure would be nice if there was at least some information. As an airport employee, it is often helpful to know ahead of time when we will need the ramp space for a GV or Global, before he makes his first radio call 15 minutes out. Too bad there is no a way to just censor the actual tail number, and still provide aircraft type and tracking information.

BARR system sucks - there can be very few if any legitimate claims of security threats.

If they were so concerned the wouldn’t have their own jet that anyone really interested could figure out.

I could see companies not wanting competing companies knowing where the competition is - but that isn’t why the BARR program is in effect.

I have never - ever heard of a single security issue that came about because of a flight monitoring service. EVER>>>

Like many, many other things this is put under the security umbrella for no good reason other than to stifle dissension, and make some bureaucrats feel good. I have no problem with owners wanting privacy by blocking the tail number, but let’s call it what it is and not invent some spurious reason.