Blocked N numbers


As a new european user - impressed with what I have seen so far, good interface and fun to use.
Understand reason for blocked N numbers but do they not show at all in tracking or just limited to BLOCKED with bare bones info?
Could the system show type/from/to with blocked instead of tail number?

Thx IN (UK)


The NBAA’s website has more information on the BARR program. To comply with the program, we will not show any information about flights by blocked registrations.


Done a little more reading on this but curious to know if the block as requested by operator is for a finite period (say a year then needs renewal) or for the life of the registration on an airframe until it gets a new reg? Offers?
Do you think I really ought to get in touch with the NBAA as i order a new G550 :wink: - dream on…

IN (uk)


I believe the blocking requests are indefinate… I’m not even sure if the NBAA would note a change of owner and unblock the reg when a plane is sold.