Ruling on Blocked Tail etc etc continued

The previous thread started by RobReid was locked but I would like to ask:-

Can you put a figure on the number of aircraft that you (FA) are currently asked to block each month?? Would you care to give away what percentage it is rising each month as alluded to by Rob (undoubtedly it is)?

cant remember if asked/answered before but does the block request go by tail number/airframe or owner - or any combination thereof but require a reblock request with a change of any of those (prob tail number)?

Thx IN (UK)

The lawsuit seemed fairly silly, considering you could just look up the registration numbers on the FAA site, and enter them into FlightAware - which will tell you if its blocked or not.

I’m guessing its a fine line between flight tracking companies and the companies that own the blocked aircraft who then pay for the services of having their aircraft unblocked for personal viewing.

So what we need is somebody to file a lawsuit to dis-allow the blocking of privately owned aircraft using a publicly funded ATC.

Just checking the Global Express’s, about 10 percent don’t use their tail numbers, 65 percent appear blocked, so we can view about 25 percent of the Global’s flying. (Averaged for the first 50 on US register). Maybe 35 percent if you know the Flight number.

However more aircraft keep getting added to the blocked list.

Blocking is by aircraft identification and there is no automated updating upon reregistration or a change of ownership. An aircraft may use several identifiers (N123AB, TN123AB, LN123AB, ABC123) and block all of them or only a subset of them.

The FOIA request and ensuing lawsuit was regarding the FAA block list (flights we receive no data for), not the vendor block list (flights we’re required to block). An aircraft may be on either or both lists.

Well if 65 percent of the Global’s are blocked, and 25 percent aren’t, you already have your answer for 90 percent of the aircraft.

By entering the registration for the 10 percent missing, you’ll note no information was received by FlightAware.

So set a Flight Alert for Globals, and you’ll catch everyone flying with a flight number, anyone not flying is blocked by FAA, or sitting in Dulles Jet Center :frowning: