Blocked aircraft (number, FAA registry)

Is there an estimate of how many tail numbers are blocked (the sum of both ASDI- and FAA-level)? Even a rough approximation would be useful. I saw the total of 1100 from the ProPublica case ( … iew-040810) mentioned in the earlier threads, but I assume the number of blocked flights is actually much larger.

Also when a number is blocked I assume it is still listed in the publicly available FAA registry file, or is it blocked there as well?

Thanks for any help on this!

Yes, they’re still in the registry. Blocking only applies to ASDI, the realtime flight tracking data feed from the FAA.

Also note that the number of identifers on the list is far higher than the actual number of blocked aircraft. A single plane is on the BARR list as N123AB, LN123AB, TN123AB, and possibly callsigns (ABC123, etc).

Thanks for the infos about the FAA registry.

Is there a very rough estimate for the number of entries from the FAA registry which are blocked? 1000? 10000? 100000?

I think it’s around a couple thousand

It’s been mentioned before that the list of blocked aircraft (BARR list) is available from the FAA by filing a Freedom of Information request. ProPublica, the news organization, got the information by this means and reported that there were 1,100 aircraft enrolled in the program as of April of last year.

Thanks all for the infos.

I assumed the totals from the ProPublica article were just for businesses: does this include individuals as well?

It’s for all aircraft enrolled in the BARR program, not just “business” aircraft.


And one last question: is there any other method besides BARR to get a tail number blocked (besides contacting each individuals flight tracking vendor, such as the the FA program,