view blocked registration


my aircraft are blocked but i have the alias’.

i cannot seem to find them on your system, but can track them on other systems.

is there a way?


Please e-mail us the specifics of your situation.


Hi dbaker,

Noticd a string message from someone who has a blocked number. We have blocked our 3 N’s. Is there anyway other way I can track our fleet???


Yes, we offer selective unblocking as a commercial service.


the blocking feature of is excellent. however, I hope members are aware that their information can also be blocked at the source (VOLPE Center or ASDI Vendor):

Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR)

Option #1 Blocked by ASDI Vendors
Data blocking occurs at the vendor level. This allows for individual owners, who have otherwise asked their aircraft information be blocked, to allow their own particular ASDI vendor to selectively provide tracking information for the owner.

Option #2 Blocked at FAA Source
Data blocking occurs at the FAA source at the VOLPE Center in Massachusetts where ASDI data originates. This means the information never reaches any ASDI vendor. It must be understood however, that there are no exceptions to this option. No vendor would be allowed to see the data, meaning owners/operators could not grant individual vendors permission to track their own aircraft.

I honestly do not understand why more companies do not block their data from being transmitted. Tracking of corporate aircraft is a HUGE advantage to those in the business intelligence arena. :wink:

Sites like this (thank you :smiley:) make it easier to perform traffic analysis on practically any aircraft.


Possibly so they can track their own aircraft.


The companies may not know that they can block their flights.

I, for one, hope a lot of companies don’t block their flights because, as an aviation geek, I love to see as many different flights as possible. Of course, I’m not a industrial spy.


It would really surprise me if a company could possibly be successful enough and large enough to be able to afford a corporate aircraft, and then not know they can block them if they want to. I don’t think they are that dumb. Well… maybe a couple of them ARE that dumb, but not many.

I think in some cases they LIKE being tracked. It’s PR. And in some cases, I bet they really don’t care. And mduell’s comment is valid, they probably want to be able to track their own.

But I do hope that no one decides to go on a campaign to tell them about blocking!


I am evaluating the software for use at our GA reliever airport. I like what I see so far with one small suggestion for improvement. On blocked aircraft, is it possible to show just the aircraft (type and destination time)? This would be helpful in planning. I understand the need for security and reasons for blocking. The info that an aircraft is inbound to my airport would be sufficient for my purposes. The N number and company information would not be as important in this case. In this way the company’s information is protected (N Number and Company info) yet relevant information is displayed (aircraft type and arrival time)that would not be harmful.


This thread covers that topic in depth.