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Documentation for getting blocked flights?

I have a client who has their planes blocked. Is there documentation to pull their flight information through the API?

I would assume if it’s blocked, it’s blocked

From an FAA indormation page . . .

For a higher level of security, operators may choose to block their aircraft flight data at the FAA Level which will remove all aircraft flight data before it is transmitted to the ASDI vendors. This means the information never reaches any ASDI vendor and is not incorporated into their system.
Blocking at this level will prevent you from tracking your blocked tail number.

Thank you for your responses. I do know all of that information. However, Flight Aware’s Global program allows owner/operators to at their tails and track those planes even though the block is in place. Surely there is a way to do that through the API once the global account has been established.

There are 2 distinct levels of blocking - ASDI vendor and FAA. The blocking at the FAA is absolute while blocking at the ASDI vendor level can be bypassed with a paid subscription to an ASDI vendor’s service. There are several available and costs vary. For more information a search for ASDI vendors.

Generally, our APIs will expose the information that the requesting account is permitted to see; I don’t believe you need to do anything special beyond setting up selective unblocking so that the account that you’re using to query can see the blocked aircraft.

Your FlightXML account needs to be an authorized user of the Global account with access to the aircraft or delegated access to the Global account. @dogrock can assist you.