Blocked Flights Review


With the growing number of blocked flights that aren’t visible on Flight Aware can Flight Aware consider making blocked flights visible but without registration or flight number (just displaying aircraft type) so effectively they are still blocked. At least then Flight Aware viewers could still view the number of movements in the area.


When an aircraft is on the FAA block list, we’re not permitted to show ident or aircraft type that’s been received from the FAA ASDI feed.


Can I infer that “received from the FAA ASDI feed” does not preclude display of information received from other sources- eg planeplotter etc? Would FA be precluded by the FAA block from displaying such info?


The regulations don’t require us to block data obtained from non-ASDI sources, right. Regarding ADS-B, the vast majority of blocked aircraft are not ADS-B equipped.


Flights that are blocked by their operators are indicated with the prefix “BLK” and the aircraft ID is assigned a unique BLK id (e.g., BLK42) that is used consistently throughout to identify that aircraft.

**?**Any chance of seeing “BLK1234” on flight tracking page?




Please see this thread regarding the display of blocked aircraft.


Thanks for your comments and feedback.
I still would like to see Flight Aware look at some of the options mentioned which would help their product grow.