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Data block blocked

While watching flight activity over my area in the “airport Tracker/info” portion of Flightaware, I’ve recently noticed that when I hover over an aircraft, I will see the normal data block info for a split second, then it’s covered by a block that always says “e.g.KDTW” regardless of the fact that the aircraft has not come from or is going to KDTW. This happens on at least 50% of aircraft I try to identify in this manner. Why is this happening and what can be done to stop it so I can see normal data info not covered up?

Been seeing the same thing lately, sometimes its e.g.KJFK, right now it’s e.g.KSAT but still shouldn’t be there.

This was a bug in Firefox that existed all the way to Firefox 11.


It is fixed in Firefox 12.

It doesnt really matter cause 99% of the aircraft out there are being blocked ESPECIALLY corporate aircraft which is what comes into my local airport. I cannot understand why Flightaware is allowing these people to block all these aircraft for no reason. I have a 182…I think im going to block my aircraft as well; everyone else is.
I used to stay logged into FA, but im rarely on it now cause you can’t see anyone except for commercial traffic.

Couple months back ALL AIRCRAFT were being shown on Flightaware, NO AIRCRAFT was blocked. It was great cause you could see ALL aircraft and it was quite amazing at how many more aircraft was out there. But now more aircraft than before are blocked. You cant see anything anymore. Its about useless.

FAA was not allowed to disclose tail numbers that were blocked by owners,they did and were taken to task for it and lost… imagine that, FA built a business on invading peoples privacy and just like that, anybody can block their own tail number. now if you want to release your license plate info to the general public (since you’re most likely driving on tax-supported roads), go right ahead then you can whine about aircrafts being blocked…

I dont care at all to post my license info, here it is:

AVN Corp.

THIS IS HOW 99% OF CORPORATIONS have their aircraft registered. They all go thru the Corporation in Delaware to avoid the tax. Thats my point, it doesnt matter WHO the actual owner is you can never find out who REALLY owns it, so what is the big deal? Second, you’ve only been a member for 1 day so why do you want to get on here and post 6 replies in 1 day trying to argue with people and be argumentative?

All I ask was why they were blocked?

The FAA aircraft registration database is independent of blocking in flight tracking.

You’re pretty far off base here.
FlightAware built a business on tracking aircraft, motivated originally by wanting to track our own flights. Blocking existed before FlightAware was started. FlightAware wrote a letter in the public comments of the FAA rulemaking process opposing taking the BARR list away from NBAA because the FAA rationale made no sense.