FA Radar


How come FA puts the “stuff” (altitude, GS, and Flight number) with only some of the planes tracked? :frowning: I would really like to see them with all (or more) radar blips. :smiley:





Why do airplanes only sometimes have the “data block” next to them with flight information?

Due to limited screen and resolution real estate, FlightAware Maps has to selectively “de-clutter” the maps so that data blocks aren’t overlapping each other. If you’re tracking a single flight and it’s near the origin or destination airport, it might not have a data block to ensure that the airport code itself isn’t blocked. On the ATC-style displays with many flights, often times there are so many flights in limited space that it’s not possible to display data blocks for all of them. In future iterations of the software, a more powerful zoom feature will alleviate this problem.


My answer was so much easier…


It would be nice if you could click on a particular a/c and reveal either its signature, or even pull up its tracking screen (maybe by double clicking?). There’s MANY times that the flight I’m trying to identify has no info displayed, even if it’s relatively far from other a/c. Just a thought… FA is probably the best site at listening to members’ thoughts and turning them into action. Many thanks to Daniel, Mark, et al. for that! :wink:


…or you could do it for all the arrivals/departures for that airport. Just a thought. :smiley:


Yeah, I suggested it a while ago but it never was answered. Great idea though.


I have also asked questions like this and they said there working on it.