Radar or FA Tracking?


I’m on the east coast of Australia. Sometimes FA seems to use the aviation authority’s radar for flight tracking (and it is listed as such) but at other times it apparently uses its own transponder receivers. The problem for me is that a major intrastate operator does not have ADS-B in their Dash 8s. This means that they only appear on the Live Flight Tracking display map when FA is using the authority’s radar data. At other times they either appear as an “Estimate” or not at all. What determines when FA uses the authority data and when not?

Regardless of this, FA does provide a great service. Thanks.



All data sources available are used to produce the data you see on the website. When one source is not available for a flight, then it is obviously not used. You may see multiple sources being used for a single flight as it travels over different coverage areas.


Thanks for your help bovineone.