Problem with ATC Radar data in AU?


I normally observe that aircraft passing out of ADS-B coverage in AU are shown with ‘ATC Radar’ tag where they are in coverage of AU ATC radar.

Today 1Aug14 that is not happening (we are one day ahead of the forum date here in Australia) -

All aircraft not within FA ABS-B coverage are showing ‘ESTIMATED’ The result is quite poor accuracy.

Is there an issue - or is FA no-longer getting AU ATC Radar?

If someone from FA needs more details they can email me on the address in my account.


Noticed this about Wednesday evening, it seems that some ATC data is showing up live but not all of it but give it a few hours and all the data is displayed. ADS-B feeders seems to be display without any issues or delay.


I notice it is still not showing ATC Radar positions.

it seems that everything that is not an ADS-B position is simply showing ‘Estimated’ presumably from Flight Plans.

I am disappointed - Radar positions for non ADS-B traffic was the big feature of FA for me… :{


Yes, we had some trouble with Australian RADAR for a few days, but this is now resolved.



I just noticed it.



… sorry to report that the problem seems to still appear.

It was good for a while but when I looked at 0200UTC it was broken again.


Yes, sorry, we’ve encountered another outage and it’s being worked on.


It looks like it is working again… :slight_smile: