Flights no longer showing on My ADS-B page


Is there a system issue which is preventing updating of specific flights on the My ADSB page. Both my site and my fathers have no daily tracking which seems weird, even though I do see live flights on the live FA tracker. Nothing as of 5:59 PM PST. Thx


Looks like it’s the PiAware sites that are not working.


Thanks for the reports, we’re looking into it.

edit: Good news is the data is coming in fine, bad news we’re having trouble reporting the live stats. Engineers continue to work on it, but it will probably be morning before it’s caught up.


This morning I noticed that flight information no longer shows on the My ADS-B page. All the other info is there and my receiver is working. Just says “Flight” with no information and then the next category “Nearby ADS-B sites” which is working.


Seems to be the case for everyone right now :slight_smile:


Whoops. Wasted a few minutes. I should have checked the forums before rebooting and messing around with settings. Thought it was on my side.


Not only did I reboot, I reimaged my SD card thinking installing flightradar24’s feeder messed up flightaware’s feeder. What a waste of time. Where are you located? Is this happening everywhere? I am in Thailand.


I don’t think it’s just a stats/for-fun/novelty issue. I don’t think the system is using any amateur ADS-B feeder input right now. I’m tracking good flights that are not tracked at all on FA.
I hope they are aware and figure out the issue.


I contacted support by email and they said there is nothing they can do. They said can only post in the forum and wait for developers to reply in the forum. They did not seem to care their system is messed up.


Maybe it is a surprise upgrade or something new. You would think they would have posted something one way or the other though.


Just confirming that I see no flights on my stats page either. However, my piaware is definitely seeing flights and tracking positions.


Same here. Has been this way since early in the morning hours (pre-sunrise). My ‘positions reported’ and ‘aircraft seen’ numbers are still climbing, but I haven’t seen an actual aircraft list all day. On top of that, checking the track logs for any aircraft in the area (particularly those that I know I normally reports positions for) reveals that everything is apparently running off of FAA data right now. All positions show as being reported by Indianapolis Center, Memphis Center, Atlanta Center, Nashville TRACON, etc…

It’s disturbing to hear that the support folks apparently didn’t seem concerned (“didn’t care”)…but it’s also odd to see that something this major appears to have gone wrong and the thousands of people that help make this site tick haven’t heard a word in the forums.

Wasn’t about to jump the gun and assume that it was an issue on my end as I could clearly see that my feed was alive and the number of aircraft and positions was climbing on my ADS-B stats page. Feel sorry for the guys that did…but everyone needs a little OS installation refresher every so often, I suppose? :slight_smile:



Still seems strange that the folks over here in the ADS-B forums have been left out of the loop, but I did find this conversation from roughly 18-hours ago over in the ‘General’ forum:




There is a topic about this over in the ADS-B discussion forums. :wink:


I did update piaware (my tool of choice) and reboot it, but beyond that, I didn’t do anything else. I am still tracking and providing positions.


Yeah, that’d be the place where staff input is welcome. Piaware user here and my “station” is affected.


Hi, everyone. We noticed a problem last night and thought we fixed it but apparently not. It’s an intermittent problem and it’s not clear what it is yet, but we’re working on it. Sorry for the hassle! Expect an update soon.


Sorry for any confusion about the posts in this thread - I merged in the thread from the General forum.


We found the problem and have fixed the glitch although we haven’t solved the underlying bug. We’ll be working on that and keeping an eye on things in the mean time.

Thanks again for catching the problem and pointing it out! Sorry for any confusion.


I noticed that Southwest recently has a large number of missing flight numbers and/or tail number associated with some of their flights. I do not recall seeing this many missing flights/tail number combos in the past and am not sure if it may be related to the flight data/display issues of yesterday. Anyway, here is a screen grab.