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Data not updating

As at 23:59;00 UTC the data totals have regressed since earlier today - they are now showing as they were at about 1000UTC 22nd Nov.

@09:30:00UCT There’s something wrong today as well - I’ve recorded 519 positional flights in Planeplotter so far this morning. FlightAware stats show only 155 and my status has been showing live.

I’m seeing similar.

Yep, and me, last night around 23.00 i was reporting around 1600 fixes, then it went back to 700?
Today seems very low as well

Same. Database issue ?

It appears the stats are not updating, although the data is being received and we can fix it retroactively. Looking into it, thanks!

I noticed the problem yesterday and shutdown the PC for a night, still same problem. Glad I am not the only one having the problem. Like the team said, planes are uploaded just no stats recorded. hopefully sorted soon.

It would appear to have been corrected for yesterday’s data but 22nd Nov is still missing all data from about 1000UTC.

Strange, I too see that my receiver ID 453 is now updating but ID 410 is still showing down. The system has been restarted and is feeding but no updates…


Good catch — we fixed the real-time stats but didn’t reprocess the older data until now. It should be up to date now and updating correctly on the normal schedule.

Apologies for the confusion; we’re in the middle of updating the back-end of the stats system to offer a number of new ADS-B stats features and this glitch interrupted normal options.

You know that we are sunday ? :laughing:
I went to bed at 4:00 AM (being also musician) and I would be unable to run database commands this afternoon ! :slight_smile:

My stats seem to have taken a dump again, PP seems fine?

Have you tried restarting PP?

Yep, still seems very low.

I am experiencing the same thing. restarted PP yesterday… still monitoring it but initial thoughts is it is lower than the usual figures.

I looked at a few charts at random, including mine. All appeared lower than average for today and yesterday. Could we all be seeing a real temporary decrease in ADS-B traffic? Perhaps the recent weather problems in the US East could be affecting flights everywhere.

Another possibility … could the large amount of US Thanksgiving travelers be swamping the FlightAware servers affecting data uploads from everyone?


Yesterday was a major US holiday (Thanksgiving) and airlines significantly reduced flights to/from/within the US yesterday. The reduction in ADS-B positions is pretty close to the reduction we saw in airline schedules.

Is today a holiday as well?

Pour moi c’est meilleur aujourd’hui que le reste de la semaine.
For me it’s better today than the rest of the week. Lot of departures for the WE !

from my observation not all planes i see on PP is uploaded to FA. I am not sure why. Restarted PP again and hope it is rectified.