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(Insufficient data for a meaningful graph.)

Anyone else’s Daily collection graphs and flights messed up today? Mine have been giving this error all day today.

Mine is missing as well.

I’m shocked others have not posted about this, I have been watching the forms and thinking it was just me didn’t say anything until tonight. Usually when something is up someone usually beats me to asking.

I’ll throw my hat in too. overall daily stats do appear to be updating in real time, just no hourly graph or recent flight info.

Yep, mine is missing as well, just when I was trying a new aerial configuration. Ah well. At least its good to see it wasn’t me who messed up. It usually is!! :laughing:

FlightAware was off-line for a while earlier today. I suspect their database got messed up.

I am in the same boat! No Graph today!

Thanks guy, we’re having a few glitches but working on it. No data is lost – just a stats issue.

Thanks good to know it’s not just us :slight_smile:

Not just a stats issue. Flights not showing either - globally it appears.

Only had a ADS-B receiver in service a couple of weeks. Unfamiliar with routine happenings on the site status page. I dragged my feet all afternoon yesterday, looking for someone else to ask first. Glad to see it is being addressed. (I hope) :wink:

Due to performance concerns, we removed the statistics graphs and the list of flights your site has contributed to.

No statistics or data are lost - it’s simply that the number of sites has grown so rapidly that our ability to quickly query and display that data on statistics pages has degraded.

We’re still working on the core issue, but later today the statistics graphs will be re-enabled when viewing the page for your own sites.

Just a suggestion but perhaps its time to make a status page for the feeders that you can post service impacting updates/changes on that we won’t have to waste space in the forms and people won’t wonder all day until someone else finally post what is going on?

I see the “Hourly Collection Graph” has returned. It’s unfortunate that we cannot see others nearby though. That is the method I use to determine if low numbers are due to something wrong with my system or if it is just a low traffic time/day.

Hi guys, we’re having some capacity problem with all the network growth. I believe the graphs are back but the listing of flights you’re tracking is still unavailable – we expect to have it back online Thursday. Sorry for the hassle and thanks for your patience.