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Which one do i believe (is site up or down)

stats page on PC says no piaware, no connection to flightaware, and no MLAT (ie all red), so i look on the terminal connected to my RPI (3B), running SD card, and all is “normal” (green on the Alt+F1 page).

I had the same, probably technical issues with the website. For a while it even only showed the maintenance page with the twitter feed.

Ha, I just found this immediately AFTER reporting the same issue to support :frowning:

Anything we can do to get stats page to display correctly - showing 3 reds here on 2nd account, but linked, data being sent and presently synchronized with 439 nearby receivers.

Hi @navzptc,

It looks like there was an issue associating your account with your 2nd PiAware. I’ve fixed it on our end and now your status boxes should be green now.

Many thanks Eric, your assistance much appreciated. :+1:t2: