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Stats Mysteriously Dropped?!?!

I just watched my stats get chopped in third when they reset for the day. I had ~450 aircraft seen for the day at 23:55Z. I refreshed the stats page at 00:05Z and the total for the day dropped to ~150?!??!?! My total positions for the day also got chopped in third. I watched it throughout the day, so I know the previous total was accurate. What caused this and how can it be corrected?

Actually, looking at the other feeds that are near me, it looks like the same thing happened to several of them as well. Something must be going on with the FlightAware db. Anyone else ever experience this? How can I get it corrected?

Same here… Lost more than 50% of my flights when the day switched from Saturday to Sunday. :frowning:

I lost 2/3 of mine also…1500 down to 500.

Same here :open_mouth:

We’re having some issues with the stats database, but we should be able to re-process and update the correct totals in the next day or two. Thanks for your patience.

It looks like the issue is fixed. Kudos to the FA folks. Its not often these days that you see forums monitored and responded to as quickly as this one is. :slight_smile: