Stats graph strangeness.


Something odd is happening with the hourly data graph - Starting at around 1700, there is a noticeable drop in the number of positions recorded followed by a big spike at 2200. This isn’t reflected in my local stats, and other local stations seem to be getting the same thing. The total positions recorded at the end of the day seems about right, so it’s as though something is getting stuck and then catching up later.


Same here. If the server room is as cold as my neighborhood tonight maybe the 1’s and 0’s froze up for a bit. :slight_smile:

I checked my local logs and all the data made it to FA. Probably a stats page processing hiccup.


I see the issue on one of my two devices.
I had a similar issue last week.


Yesterday I noticed, that the aircrafts shown under “Recent flights with positions from this feeder on” were far behind. On the stats page the last aircraft I reported to FA was > 3000 seconds ago, usually it is just some seconds ago. It’s back to normal now.


I am guessing we must have a network problem, my site 4242 seems to be fine. My other site 11642 seems to be behind. Another site in Charlotte, NC (5888) seems to be behind as well.


Something weird with mine also.


Hourly Received Reports (positions | aircraft)

Seems to be odd for me.
I look at the current hour for me, a few minutes past the hour and I see a lot of A/C and position reports.
I look at the same square an hour or two later and the stats have not changed.


My stats are 1hr 10mins behind.

Realtime is 20:05GMT
Stats log time 18:55GMT.

It was even worse yesterday, over 3hrs behind.