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Stats Error

There is something I do not understand on the above stats image:

  • According to the counts table there was an outage sunday (yesterday) 1669 Acft instead of the usual 2000.

However according to the real time charts last 24h where in line line with average (blue curve)
previous 24h (brown curve) had a “hole” from 10AM to 2PM, so this should reflect results from saturday counts

Am I misunderstanding something here?


its kind of been on going for the last week or so i seem to be getting those drop out of stats everyday now. so do a few other in the UK that i have checked.

I dont think its my system as i dont see a corresponding drop off on fr24 or if i monitor my radarcape with adsbscope and watch the framerates.


edit i put links to live pages not going to mean anything now. face palm.

probably more i stopped looking

all these are UK I’m guessing that there’s an unhappy server out there. Next time i am in and its doing it i will look and see what server its sending the info too.

edit: i will also try to check that there isn’t some form of local interference.

I have noticed a considerable drop in my stats as well. I have a hunch filtering has become stricter as I see that my radar graph has become extremely narrow

…and the average number of positions per aircraft has dropped by about 20%

I did not post to talk about the drop (which may be another issue), but about the fact that history table and history chart do NOT match.

Your screenshot appears to have been taken about 4pm Monday. The “drop” in the graph is therefore at 10am-2pm Sunday, which is consistent with the history table.

Damn you are right. I should get some sleep maybe…

There was indeed an unplanned outage of a few hours this past Sunday morning around 4am US Central time due to a server failure.

For me it looks like the Radarcape’s feeder software is the possibly the culprit.

From the feeder software it looks like it sending it but it doesn’t look like it getting to flightaware properly, i set up a planeplotter feed connectiing to the radarcape and that feeds fine, so no local interference.

Bumping this because i have had a bit of a result with my radarcape.

If disable position less aircraft in the report sent to FA i get zero drop out stats wise from my radarcape and the feed is much more reliable. Its been running fine for over a week now.