Stats page broken???

It looks like there is a problem with the stats server…
My stats page shows that the tracker is up: PiAware - green, Flightaware - green, MLAT - green, /var/log/piaware.log is running with no issues but there are no stats showing up since 17:00:

I have observed similar outage yesterday at about the same time that has cleared by itself somehow without any actions on my side. But today’s outage is not clearing up and my tracker is going down.

Can someone explain what is going on???

The stats processing was running behind for your site. This can happen during busy times of the day. It appears to have filled in since you posted. This is a known issue and we are working on improvements to minimize this issue in the future.

The issue continues. The same situation today - tracker is online and sending, stats show “nothing reported” and yesterday’s problem is gone.

Can someone from the FA support look at this issue?

Same here…

I looked at the log window.
Dump mutability was sending data.
After update dump over the configure menu dump-fa is sending data.
Stats are running now.
But why?


same problem as some days before. No stats receiving.
I see at the log window dump 1090 mutability is running.
At the last days dump1090 was running.
Why did it changed?

The issue continues day after day. At around 17:00 CET plus/minus few minutes stats page stops showing tracked positions while tracker shows no errors and at around midnight out of the blue the missing hours get rebuild. I have mo idea what triggers the event… I am sure if FA look at my tracker logs they will be able to identify the root cause and fix the issue…

The issue is very annoying and reappears every day starting between 14:00 and 17:00 CET every day. The problem clears every night after midnight.
Now I have the 2-nd feeder installed and it has the same issue:

Can somebody finally look at the issue?

We are actively working on a resolution. It requires some performance optimizations to ensure that the stats data processing is faster than the 1 hour interval of web site updates. Our intent is to resolve this in a way that gives us a lot of headroom for future growth. I will post an update in the forum when changes are deployed to production.

Eric, thanks a lot for the update! Do you have any idea when the issue will be resolved?

Something similar has happened to me.
For two hours I have no data in the statistics, but the piaware log that the data has been sent.

And another instance of this happening with my station stats!!!

No problem with information being sent by piaware and FR24 who I also feed to has no problems with data being received.
This needs to be sorted - we put money, time and effort into supplying this information to you - the least you can do is ensure it is recorded and our stats updated accordingly :imp:

I think I have the same issue, but specifically related to MLAT:

Stats page shows:
Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Enabled

My logs show:
Dec 7 20:17:59 raspberrypi piaware[554]: mlat-client(6188): Server status: synchronized with 11 nearby receivers

Should I expect to see this 11 on the FA page?

This topic was because the MLAT calculation and recording of the stats were not happening on the FlightAware side. More servers were add many months ago which fixed this problem.

Your site is showing ADSB and MLAT working fine. We don’t put synchronization numbers on the stats page but they do show up in your local logs.

Synchronization means that your site is synchronized with nearby receiver sites. You need synchronization with other sites for the timing calculations for MLAT per plane.

This is the stats for your site:
Number of planes for 12/7/2017
ADS-B 517
MLAT 210
Other 76
Total 803

ADS-B count is the number of planes that have ADS-B transponders
MLAT count is the number of planes that have mode-S transponders that a MLAT position calculated
Other count is the number of planes that we couldn’t categorize (mostly mode-S planes without position calculations but there are a few other types)

If your MLAT wasn’t working your stats would be 0 for the MLAT count and all those planes counts would be in the Other category.

Welcome to FlightAware ADSB!

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply.

Taking a look at my page now, I do see that it says Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Enabled (synchronized with 14 nearby receivers)

Another example:

Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Enabled (synchronized with 77 nearby receivers)