Problems with Stats??

Total aircraft reported for my site on stats page has not changed for at least two or three hours from what I can tell. Log shows I am feeding and SkyView shows ADSB and MLAT working. Rebooting has had no effect.

Problem at my end or with stats collection and reporting?

mines the same, been like it since 3pm. a friend also has the same issue but his went off at 12pm

feeders are checking in and all green on connection but hourly reports is greyed out and shows nothing received.

Thanks…now I won’t spend any time trying to fix a problem with my feeder.

My stats of my first RasPi went off since 4 pm, stats of my second RasPi are OK.
Maybe it’s a database problem again …

Here the same, with my second setup. Did reboot once but according to the website there is no input. According to the live view there is and also the setup console shows the data is sent to FlightAware.

We’re having some minor server-side performance problems keeping up with the ever increasing number of participants during the peak times of the day. No data is being lost during these times, but some users’ stats may not fully catch up until later at night when the total data volume decreases. We expect to be able to have the additional server(s) provisioned and online next week. Stay tuned.

I’m having the same problem. Happened yesterday and then all by it self it cleared and showed hourly instead of the “No Report Received”
Today it started around 7 am and is still no reporting but everything else looks to be working OK. Rebooted several times but that didn’t help. :question:

My stats are back again and everything is OK, nothing lost … :smiley:

I had the problem Yesterday from noon through to 10pm but it caught up overnight and just noticed same problem again from noon Today