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Daily statistics reset and now incomplete

Seems like the total amount of aircraft and positions reported has been reset somewhere between now and approx. an hour ago. its currently on 3572 positions vs 65 aircraft. (23:00h)

Around 2900 aircraft where in todays statistics around 17:00h (CET)

Anything going on? as this will be very bad for my average :smiley:

Same here.

Same here, went from 60K+ and 360 aircraft to 12K and 97 aircraft around 2300GMT

Looks like NO data is being added to the Aircraft tracks as well from the ADS-B stations

An hour ago, we had to restart one of the backend servers that accepts data from the ADS-B feeder network due to some performance problems. We believe it should be back online now.

I see the tracks coming back.

My numbers (tracked automagically) took a dive for 2200 UTC but were back in line at 2300.

Thanks to all the folks who work to keep things going!

–bob K6RTM