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Blocked by owner / Blocked by government data rules

Hey Guys,

I was tracking last week a Falcon 7X from TQPF to MGGT and could see it perfectly. I went in today and it appears blocked, which is ok, but the description was rather different:


I am curious as to what “is not available for public tracking due to government data rules” differs from the usual “is not available for public tracking per request from the owner/operator”, like N117TF has:


What basis does FA know which type of blocked is what and what is a “government data rules” block?


We have data feeds from 42 Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) which have different rules on data redistribution including blocking.

Some improvements to the blocked message (identification of embargoing entity, access to non-embargoed data) are coming in Monday’s website release (approximately 5pm Eastern).

Very good! Looking forward to the change…

Now that you mention the ANSP feeds… I recall around a year and a half ago or so that you guys were able to bring up Central American feeds… I even remember tracking test flights from our maintenance facility here in San Jose (MROC-MROC flights) and business jets from/to Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, etc. It disappeared after about three weeks of testing but it never came back… Any idea if its going to ever be available again and was it CENAMER/COCESNA providing the feed?

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I don’t think we ever offered that data publicly, do you remember when that was?

We’re always working with ANSPs worldwide to add additional feeds and loosen redistribution limits on existing feeds.