GM's corporate jet information blocked...?

There was an interesting allegation made on saying that FlightAware was now blocking flight tracking data on certain GM aircraft such as the corporate Gulfstream IVs.

I can provide an URL to that particular thread, privately, on request.

I honestly do not know if this is true; most likely, there is an innocent explanation rather than intentional suppression? Does anyone know anything about this? I would certainly like to have the opportunity to rebut this allegation in that thread, based on more solid ground if this was indeed untrue. On the other hand, if true, would like to know the rationale behind it.

I am merely curious since the allegation is interesting. I have been a long-time FlightAware fan and user of the excellent service provided, so I do not have any hidden ulterior motive in raising the question.


Well considering the press regarding this story, I sure can’t blame them for blocking their aircraft. Very sad, considering the lengthy history GM, Ford, and Chrysler have in their aviation departments.

When aircraft are blocked, it is the request of the owner and/or operator of the aircraft, not FlightAware or any other service.

Owner/Operators merely have to fill out this form.

However, for aircraft owners who block their aircraft from the general public, they can subscribe (for a fee) the esteem services of FlightAware, that enables the owner to track his own (click here) aircraft.

Ahh, I see. Thanks! I truly do appreciate it. Cheers.

(And, yes, I do agree - given the life that story’s taken on, I can see how the owner or operator would want to do this, as unfortunate as it may be from a historical perspective.)

Pentastar Aviation this is the company that operated the GM aircraft, I assume they still do.

Don’t know the beginnings of Pentastar, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was started by GM Aviation?

Actually, Pentastar was an outgrowth of the Chrysler flight department. Ya know, like the five pointed star that was the Chrysler logo for so many years. It was spun off during the DaimlerChrysler years, only to be purchased by Edsel B. Ford II, great-grandson of Henry Ford.

Bloomberg: GM Asks U.S. FAA to Bar Public Tracking of Leased Corporate Jet

Clever of them. I guessed both VP candidates far before the news media from flight tracks.

Ahhh Pentastar. That explains why I couldn’t find the Chrysler Aviation Department!!!

I used to visit Willow Run Airport on a regular basis back in the late 70’s, and recall the Chrysler Corporate Charter Service based there.

I was unaware of all the owners of the company!! Ahh the good old days when Ford used to travel around in their private Boeing 727!!! I recall the only other corporate B727 at the time was AT&T’s.

Might be off in the timing a little on them but Revlon (N767RV) and Fluor (N4002M) I think were also from the same era.